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Complementary Color Design Techniques

While many trends and techniques in web design come and go, one that remains constant is color. It is one of the basic principles of all design theory and a tool that contributes to an overall aesthetic and provides user interaction cues.

credit photo : freepik.com

Color trends change, but vibrant color choices are a design element that stand the test of time. Bright color choices contribute to and work with the design itself to help provide valuable user experiences.

Color Blocking and Hover

Two vibrant color patterns that emerged thanks to other trends (particularly flat design and card-style interfaces) are color blocking and colored hover states.

As the names suggest, color blocks refers to dividing content into a grid and applying different colors to create a card-like mosaic. Colored hover states are also quite straightforward – as you mouse over each block of content, the color changes to provide visual feedback to users.

While you can apply the techniques independently (shown below in the great color blocking in the sites for Wrist and Play Dot To), you’ll actually see the techniques used together quite often.

Pairing Color and Texture

Textures were once reserved for more neutral backgrounds, but designers are pairing bold hues with subtle effects for stunning experiences. As other trends begin to circle back to the use of more subtle effects – like what is happening with Flat Design 2.0 – color will also evolve.

There are two ways to think about vibrant color and texture:

  • 1. As part of an overall background or image 
  • 2. As a subtle accent to a background or image

Ryan Keiser’s website uses texture and vibrant color together as a dominant background effect. The grid pattern in the yellow-green canvas offsets what could have ended up as a chaotic color choice. The texture adds more interest and a certain softness to the color that makes it easier read. Bright blue and pink accents (including hover states for links) strengthens the overall message – this designer will bring your vision to life with boldness and color.

Source : UXPin

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