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Free Material Design Template For Blogger

Free Material Design Blogger Template, this template is not in allow to apply on a blog with a bad niche and AGC. What is Material Design ? Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices.
material design template blogger free


We provide some basic styling on header tags. In the example, you can see the the 6 header tags' different sizes.

Heading h1

Heading h2

Heading h3

Heading h4

Heading h5
Heading h6

Table Responsive

Name Item Name Item Price
Alvin Eclair $0.87
Alan Jellybean $3.76
Jonathan Lollipop $7.00
copy the following code into your blogger html editor :
<table class="responsive-table">
        <th data-field="id">Name</th>
        <th data-field="name">Item Name</th>
        <th data-field="price">Item Price</th>


Blockquotes are mainly used to give emphasis to a quote or citation. You can also use these for some extra text hierarchy and emphasis.
“Instead, focus primarily on your target audience’s behaviors. The more people you visit, the more likely your personas will reflect real audiences and produce the great design insights you seek.”


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